Team “T-N-T” Boxing -Investing In Our Future

Team TNT Boxing

Team TNT Boxing

Sports have been instrumental in the early development of many of our successful community leaders. Sports enthusiast, Tim Edmonds’ vision is to harness the energy of the community’s underprivileged youth and channel that energy into promoting the virtues of good health, teamwork and self-respect; ultimately creating a strong sense of community.

Team “T-N-T” Boxing Club focuses on creating a social structure in the form of an athletic/recreational facility that provides a program that target at-risk youth before they become involved in crime. The recreational program promotes improved health and fitness through the art of boxing and cardio. Additional activities included within our program will- hopefully prevent- alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse; boxing has proven to establish a sense of character-building, foster self-respect and create meaningful communication among participating youth.

At this time we are looking to establish fertile ground for competition in Meridian and produce quality boxers out of our area.

We have successfully opened the doors to a world of boxing with our hometown amateur boxing shows. We are looking forward to more great shows with the support of the community and others.