Larry Ingle

Pictured left to right:  Timothy Ozercov, Paul Joyner, Larry Ingle, Aaron Rhodes Sr.

Pictured left to right: Timothy Ozercov, Paul Joyner, Larry Ingle, Aaron Rhodes Sr.

Larry Ingle,  Kickboxing and MMA


Larry’s Bio (as much of it as we could post here):

7th Degree Black Belt Shotokan karate

8th Degree Black Belt Jujitsu (Namido)

9th Degree Black Belt Budoshin White Tiger Hapkido

4th Degree Black Belt Judo

Beginners ranks in Filipino Kali and Lameco

Certified Muay Thai instructor

Founder Western Malay Kickboxing system

Appointed as a coach to 2003 U.S. Nationals Martial Arts Team

2004 Legacy Martial Arts Hall of Fame: Most Accomplished Martial Artist of the Year

Nominated 2004 Master Instructor of the Year: United States Martial Arts Association

President of the Namido Yudanshukai

Western Governor for the Koreja Do Christian Martial Arts Association


Assistant Vice-President of the Budoshin White Tiger Hapkido System

Larry Ingle MMA Referee

Larry Ingle MMA Referee

Life member of both the United Budoshin Kai Culture and the United States Marital Arts Association

Awarded Colonel Aide De Camp from the state of Tennessee

Worked with law enforcement in local Mississippi areas. Forest, Morton, Newton, Pearl, Jackson, Raleigh

2004 Selected by the Mississippi athletic commission to represent the commission as a referee / judge for pro boxing, kickboxing, toughman, and MMA events.

Trained 4 toughman champions claiming a total of 10 toughman titles.

Began teaching boxing as a part of my martial arts curriculum in 1981.

Since 1979, acted as a trainer, cornerman, referee and judge for kickboxing, boxing, toughman boxing and MMA. Worked fights for Showtime, HBO, Fox Sports, ESPN 2, Comcast Sports South, Elite XC, and Various Pay Per View.